All across Europe communities are responding creatively to the global challenges of our time. From growing food to generating energy, nurturing local economies to strengthening social connections, communities are building a better world.

The European Day of Sustainable Communities, on 19th September 2020, is a time to applaud and celebrate the local communities taking action for a more regenerative, just and inclusive Europe.


We invite any community who is taking action for a better world to join us in celebrating the European Day of Sustainable Communities. Previously the day has been celebrated by community gardens, energy cooperatives, cafes, churches, ecovillages, housing associations, permaculture gatherings, arts festivals, schools, universities, Transition town groups, to name but a few.

Some of the awesome people and organisations co-creating the European Day of Sustainable Communities

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Rebel Seed

Abdul Otman

Romania in Tranzitie

Asociación Española Contra la Despoblación

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI)


HabitaRegen CRL

Hendon Regenerative Culture Garden

Alvador, la Comune


Ana Morais



Animal Friends Croatia

Jalotus – Kestävän elämän yhteisö


Antonio Graziano

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In 2019 communities in 27 countries organised hundreds of events to celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities. They hosted conferences, open days, apple harvests, tours, concerts, shared meals and much more.

This year we know that things have changed radically. We don’t know whether public gatherings will be possible. Maybe we will only be able to host online events. So we invite you to register your intention to join us in September 2020!

One thing we know for sure – now is a golden opportunity for change. And that we will be launching Communities for Future, a new action programme to inspire and support communities to take action.


The European Day of Sustainable Communities is on 19th September. To mark the day we welcome events organised between 12th and the 26th September 2020. Registration opens in June.


All across the world communities are taking action for a better world. Thousands of community initiatives across Europe are demonstrating how to live more sustainably.

All the research shows that such initiatives are highly effective in reducing ecological footprints, building social capital and enhancing local economies.

#EDSC shines a light on these initiatives. It builds support for such community-led action from policy makers and inspires the wider public. It also provides a moment for communities to celebrate their work, knowing that they are part of a growing wave of transformative action.


Plan your event for September and from June 2020 you can register it. By doing so you become a co-creator of the European Day of Sustainable Communities.

Who’s behind the European Day of Sustainable Communities?

ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability, is the initiator and main organiser of the European Day of Sustainable Communities. It has 42 member networks and organisations across Europe. They include the ecovillage, permaculture and Transition town movements, LEADER Local Action Groups, and educators and researchers.

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