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European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020

Three years ago, in 2017, ECOLISE for the first time launched the European Day of Sustainable Communities (EDSC). It was an open invitation to citizens and communities across Europe to organise events – such as open days, workshops, conferences, and gatherings – to showcase and promote citizen actions on climate change and sustainability. The aim? To create awareness, enable local […]

El Arte por la sostenibilidad presente en el EDSC

Ante fenómenos críticos como la actual crisis COVID -19 la cultura suele pasar a un segundo plano, considerada algo secundario, prescindible. Esto se debe en gran parte, a la comprensión tradicional del papel del arte como representación de la realidad, como objeto, pero no como proceso, como agente activo creador o transformador del entorno en el sentido en que Joseph […]

Odprta vrata so najbolj varna / Open doors are the safest

Kaj pomeni varnost? Ali pomeni imeti deset ključavnic in alarme na vratih, senzorje, kamere in table “Vstop prepovedan!”, nekaj pištol v predalu, svežnji gotovine v sefu? Ali pa je varnost preprost dom z vedno odprtimi vrati? Preprost, saj razumete: poln nasmejanih ljudi, s toplo kuhinjo, ki jo krasijo božanske vonjave in z zelenim vrtom z obilo sadja in zelenjave? Mar […]

Community is a circle / Skupnost je krog

At our community events, we always try to make a circle at least once, no matter how many we are. It doesn’t have to be a geometric circle, it’s enough if we can all see each other, appreciate the faces and just about every possible emotion decorating the eyes. Circles are symbolic. When you celebrate the European Day of Sustainable […]

Hopes for the EDSC2020 on our Island

As a natural pattern observer and local resilience focused educator, it is very interesting to see how the new niches that have opened during the pandemic are being occupied by people. Some focus their attention on those who are already isolated and disadvantaged, making sure basic needs are met while wondering if the unfairness inherent in the current system is […]

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